Star Wars Fans Came Out In Full Force Last Friday #ForceFriday

Fans lined up in droves to be among the first to buy the next wave of Star Wars memorabilia.

Twitter Expresses Concern For #HarrisonFord After His Plane Crash

After his plane crash, #HarrisonFord becomes the center of attention and concern for fans all over the internet.

With All Of The Awards Shows Going On, The Kids' Choice Awards (#KCA) Is Next

The annual Kids' Choice Awards (#KCA) is a showcase of the best kids' music, movies, shows, and celebrities. It provides a fun filled show for kids of all ages.

The #Oscars2015 Award Show Takes Over Television And Social Media

The #Oscars2015 was filled with big movies and trending celebrities involved in making them. Only the best of the best went home with an award.

Twitter Unlocks A New Insurgent Movie Trailer With #MoreFOUR

After a successful launch of the first book in the series, Divergent, #MoreFOUR finally unlocks a trailer for the second movie, Insurgent.

Another Monday Twitter Game Calls To #MakeAComedyScary

Another Monday means another Twitter game. This week features a movie-based remix: changing a Comedy's title to make it scary.

Christmas Movies Are Already Abundant, But Can You #XMasAMovie From Another Genre?

In this Twitter game, participants use #XMasAMovie to incorporate the Christmas theme into the title of an ordinary movie.

Twitter Game #CheeseSchmovies Turns Blockbusters Into Block-of-Cheese Busters

Cheese and movies. That's what #CheeseSchmovies meshes together in a Twitter game intended as a promotion for a new board game that involves a similar goal.

The #MarvelEvent So Big It Has Fans Writhing In Unbearable Excitement

At the latest #MarvelEvent which was titled "Phase 3", Marvel unleashes loads of new, exciting plans for the near future.

#EdgeOfTomorrow and the Promoted Hashtag

How does an expected Hollywood blockbuster promote on social media?

Twitter Went Into Hashtag Mania as the #Oscars2014 Unfolded

As the world stood still for the 2014 Academy Awards, so has Twitter exploded.

Russell Crowe Tweets Plea To Pope To Watch His New Film

Is this a real plea, or a marketing strategy?

There's a New Scary Movie in the Works -- And It's Titled #Horror

According to industry sources, #Horror is the first movie to feature an actual hashtag.

#GoldenGlobes And Why It Trended This Week

Who won and who got the most tweet activity?

#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck Revolts Against Casting Decision

Why don't people want Ben Affleck to play the dark crusader?

Google Pushes Movie Marketers to Use Social Marketing

How to get movie promos viral at once? Get them into social media.

2013 Hollywood Blockbusters and Hashtags

As the 2013 summer blockbuster season opens, these hashtags will help keep you in the know.

Did the Twitter Oscars Index Really Predict the Winners?

The Twitter Index may not be fully accurate, but it gives us an idea of what the micro-blogging public thinks.

#ArchDigestGreenRoom Trends on the 85th #Oscars

The #Oscars trends on the 85th Academy Awards, but <a href="/analytics/ArchDigestGreenRoom">#ArchDigestGreenRoom</a> also has its share of attention.

Can Twitter Predict Who Wins At The Oscars?

The Twitter Oscars Index was launched to help predict how the 2013 Academy Awards would turn out based on user posts and sentiments.

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