MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015
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#5SOSDERPCON 5 Seconds of Summer Announces Derp Con

5SOS Derp Con

The Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer, recently announced an event they have been secretly planning for a while. Their hashtag blew up.

#AMA2012 Trends On The 40th American Music Awards

Twitter goes abuzz with the 40th American Music Awards.

#AMAs Bring Social Media Alive: Hashtags That Trended

Here are the top hashtags that make their way to trending status during the 2013 American Music Awards.

#HipHopEd: From a Simple Conversation to a Worldwide Movement

Why #HipHopEd is trending and why you should read it.

#MileyAssSmallerThan What? When Bad Behavior Drives A Trend

Yes, controversy and bad girl attitude will make you trend bigtime.

#MTVHottest Draws Astounding Engagement Numbers

MTV UK uses hashtag to promote a show -- and succeeds dramatically.


#NowPlaying is a common hashtag that is always a trending topic, used mainly in reference to music. Many people use it to share a new song they found, or an old favorite.

#ShakeItOff Proves That Music Promotion is Alive and Well on Twitter

Taylor Swift uses the firepower of social media to bring her latest single (and album) to the world.

55th Grammys Names New Music Royalty

The 55th Grammy Awards 2013 proved to be another successful event both on television and online. Here are the winners.

A Big Night For Country Music During The #CMAawards2014

The annual awards show for Country music, the #CMAawards2014 turned out to be a big hit for Country fans nationwide.

Ariana Grande’s Big #OneLastTimeVideo Release Shows The Size Of Her Fanbase

Ariana Grande shows social media that she means business with the release of her #OneLastTimeVideo which became an overnight sensation.

Artists Use Hashtag Music to Get Social Media Attention

More artists are using hashtag music as a way to spread information to fans.

Bieber “Retires”; See Twitter Go Nuts

The Canadian pop superstar announces his "retirement" -- and then takes it back.

David Bowie Is Back!

Once a legend, always a legend.

Even After His Death, Elvis Presley Fans Still Celebrate His Birthday With #Elvis80

Elvis Presley fans celebrate the 80th anniversary of his birthday using #Elvis80 and many other hashtags. This recognition is a good display of his legacy.

Fans Flood Twitter Once Again With #Vote5SoS For The Kids’ Choice Awards Show

With the Kids' Choice Awards show coming up, #Vote5SoS finally stands out to promote a music group popular among kids and younger teens.

How Engaged Are Katy Perry’s Fans On Twitter?

Katy Perry's PR team turns to Twitter and lets fans decide what the popstar should release next.

How Many Ways Could You #RuinA90sBand

A Twitter game started by @midnight, people aim to #RuinA90sBand by modifying its name to make it seem less appealing.

Hungry For Twitter Tunes? There’s An App For It!

The micro-blogging giant will soon unveil Twitter Music. Be one of the first to get it.

If #Music Goes Away, Will You Miss It? What Is It Anyway?

After receiving lackluster engagement, Twitter decides to let go of #music.

Shawn Mendes Fans Are Ecstatic Over The #LOTPOfficialVideo

After many months of success, the #LOTPOfficialVideo earns Shawn Mendes even more fans across social media and the internet.

Shawn Mendes Releases His #ALittleTooMuchVideo Across The Internet

Shawn Mendes releases a new music video under the hashtag #ALittleTooMuchVideo which was more than exciting for fans across social media.

Social Media Celebrates The Long Awaited 2014 #GRAMMYs Award Show

After another great year of awesome music, the 2014 edition of the #GRAMMYs Award show finally puts the spotlight on the best of the best of the year.

Social Media Prepares For The #iHeartAwards At The End Of The Month

The #iHeartAwards feature iHeartRadio's best and brightest music stars from over the last year.

Social Media Sites Compare Grammy Favorites

If social media support were to be any indication of an artist's win in the Grammy's, here's the "supposed" roster of awardees.

Social Media Spent The Middle Of The Week Watching The #BRITAwards

The British equivalent of the American #GRAMMYs took place last night. The #BRITAwards celebrate the best Britain music, mostly in the pop genre.

Social Media Stars Converge, Featuring #AlexFromTargetAtDigiTour

With social media celebrities such as #AlexFromTargetAtDigiTour, be prepared for some interesting events to unfold across social media in the next few weeks.

Social Media Survives The Weekend With Some Tunes And Sharing Them With #NowPlaying

Modern music streaming websites and programs enables people to listen to new music everyday. With social media, they are able to share that music with hashtags.

Song Leaks On Twitter Delay’s Album Launch announces delay in the launch of his willpower album due to song leaks on Twitter.

SoundTracking Adds Hashtag Support

Music discovery gets better (and more organized) with hashtags.

Soundtracking App Creates A New Musical Experience For Twitter Fans

The micro-blogging giant is set to launch a new app that allows Twitter users to expand tweets by attaching Soundtracking media.

Taylor Swift Fans Are Sending #TS1989 Up As A Top Trending Hashtag

Taylor Swift releases another hit record. The title of 1989, Swift has gained a whole new fan base while also giving her older fans something to look forward to.

Taylor Swift Fans Bring #WelcomeToNewYork to Last Night’s Top Trends

Taylor Swift causes tremendous trending hashtags to arise among social media. Her new single is out October 21st and prepares fans for her new album.

The Great #susanalbumparty Hashtag Blunder

Singer Susan Boyle recently launched her new album, "Standing Ovation," alongside a Twitter hashtag campaign #susanalbumparty -- which was grossly misinterpreted by netizens.

The Hit Show #Empire Joins The Other Popular Television Series On Social Media

The new hit television series #Empire takes quickly to internet fame and social media thanks to its unique formula of a musical drama.

The Newest Episodes Of #Empire Keep Getting Better And Gather More Followers

Another episode of #Empire captivates audiences and draws in new crowds. With musical releases fueling the fire, this show gets better and better.

Twitter Fans See the Soft Side of Artists in #MakeARapperSoft

How would the toughest rappers look with some minor adjustments? Twitter goes on a frenzy with #MakeARapperSoft

Twitter Goes Country With #CMAAwards

Twitter goes abuzz as the 46th Annual #CMAAwards showcases the US country music industry's best of the best in one roof.

Twitter Says #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift As She Turns 25 Years Old

Taylor Swift turns 25 as Twitter wishes #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift. The pop star gathered a fan base big enough to make any hashtag involving her a big trend.

Voting For The #AMAs Is Always Open Across Social Media

The American Music Awards (#AMAs) take place this weekend. Voting has opened for select categories which has fans sharing their votes across social media.

Watch Beyonce’s Jawdropping #SuperBowl Performance

Superstar Beyonce proves she's the real star of the SuperBowl with a heart-stopping performance -- and much awaited reunion!

Watch Demi Lovato’s Hashtag-Heavy Music Video

New Demi Lovato music video rides on #UnlockHeartAttack hashtag.

Will this new #Hashtag Song Make It to the Top of the Charts? [VIDEO]

"You only talk in #Hashtag" is set to be chart topper. Watch the video here.

With All Of The Awards Shows Going On, The Kids’ Choice Awards (#KCA) Is Next

The annual Kids' Choice Awards (#KCA) is a showcase of the best kids' music, movies, shows, and celebrities. It provides a fun filled show for kids of all ages.

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