How Evian Rode The Valentine's Frenzy

The launch a heartwarming campaign, timing is essential.

Super Bowl Season is Also Hashtag Season! See Who's at the Top

This year, hashtag advertising on TV went up further as the Super Bowl draws much larger crowds.

How to Maximize Hashtags for TV Ads

Placing hashtags on television shows and ads has proven to be a smart marketing strategy. Here's how the successful ones did it.

How To Protect Your Twitter Reputation

On a free world like Twitter, it's very easy to be succeed and be the laughingstock on the same day. Here are tips on building and keeping a positive reputation.

Food And Hashtags: How The Fastfood Industry Markets On Twitter

How do some of the world's top food chains manage their hashtags?

#McDStories & the Anatomy of a Failed Promoted Hashtag

A promoted hashtag will only be as effective as the team or individual preparing it. Here's where some of the top brands failed.

7 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2014

The opening of 2014 should jumpstart your social media strategy. Here's where -- and how -- you can start.

Was Your Tweet A Success? Here?s How To Find Out

How do you know if your tweet was seen by many? How was it received? Here's how.

Twitter Marketing 101: How To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

How to be above the rest on social media.

Social Media Branding, According To Hilton

Hilton Hotels understands how to maximize social media. Learn how the company does it.

What Is Your Social Media Personality? How Clients See You Online Matters

You can control how your followers perceive your brand on social media.

10 Ways To Convert Twitter Followers Into Buyers

There are techniques that will effectively convert followers into loyal buyers without being accused of being a hard sell.

Twitter and Your Holiday Shopping Habits: Study

Beyond 140 character tweets, the micro-blogging platform is also a choice shopping destination, says study.

How To Build Trust On Social Media

You can amass a horde of followers -- but do they really think what you say matters?

Confused About #Hashtags? Let?s Set Things Straight

Do you know what hashtags are and what they do? This is a good place to start.

5 Ways To Grab Your Market?s Attention On Twitter

Having followers is great, but how can you be sure you're attracting the right people?

JC Penney Lets Customers Say ?Hashtag? First to Avail of Discounts

Retailer seems confused over how hashtags really work.

The Anatomy Of An Embarrassing Hashtag Blunder

What leads to a hashtag mistake and how to spot the signs before it blows up.

#SharkWeek 2013 Presents #Sharkpocalypse

Hashtag once again proves how powerful it can be on social media.

How To Mine Valuable Customer Data On Social Media

See how analytics can help you better read your target market.

#KaplanExperience Hits 10k Mark, Proves Hashtag's Engagement Value

Kaplan's hashtag proves how positive marketing creates a positive brand and better engagement.

Promoting Hashtag-Driven Events: Three Key Strategies

Every event needs a good hashtag to generate support online.

How To Drive The Right Audience To Your Twitter Account

Are you attracting the right Twitter crowd?

5 Must-Haves for a Successful Business Twitter Account

What does it take for your business account to gain a solid following?

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