Why Guinness' #RoundUpYourMates Is An Advertising Failure

What you should NOT do when incorporating hashtags into your campaign.

Twitter Abuzz With #FailedObamacareSlogans

Social media take their Obamacare opinions to Twitter.

Twitter Gears Up To Earn $1 Billion From Planned IPO

The world's largest microblogging platform is going public -- are you buying?

Hashtags Get An Upgrade With #ActionTags

There's a new hashtag in town.

Twitter Goes One-A-Day With Feature Experiments

Every day, the social media giant introduces some new -- discreetly.

NFL Fans Pay Tribute To Retiring Star With Tandem Hashtag

McNabb fans unite online to bid goodbye to retiring NFL star.

#WeAreBlended Creates Venue for Cultural Integration in Norwich

Hashtag builds deeper understanding of differences and non-differences in background.

Social Media Uses Hashtag Against Disability Discrimination

The hashtag <a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/heardwhilstdisabled">#heardwhilstdisabled</a> seeks to put a stop to thoughtless comments.

Hashtag Tracks Developments At London's King's Cross Station

King's Cross creates hashtag to centralize development updates on renovation.

Twitter Fans Attack NSA With Funny Hashtag

<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/NSAPickUpLines">#NSAPickUpLines</a> injects humor into NSA security issue.

Facebook Users Are NOT Hashtag Users, Says Study

Study shows Facebook users not too keen on hashtags.

#MTVHottest Draws Astounding Engagement Numbers

MTV UK uses hashtag to promote a show -- and succeeds dramatically.

Schools Use Social Media To Protect Students Online

Glendale Unified School District invested some $40,000 on a new service to monitor its students' activities online.

Instagram Update Introduces Ban On Certain Hashtags

Loyal followers of Instagram posted mixed reactions online after the company announced a number of changes to how it works.

Beyonce Hashtag Fans Share "Short" Stories

When Beyonce cuts her hair, a hashtag trends.

More Adults, Even Seniors, Use Social Media In 2013

As the communications industry evolves, more adults (even senior citizens) are taking their thoughts to social media.

#KaplanExperience Hits 10k Mark, Proves Hashtag's Engagement Value

Kaplan's hashtag proves how positive marketing creates a positive brand and better engagement.

Spikes in Tweets Lead to Higher TV Ratings and Vice-versa

Recent study shows that how you view TV reflects in how you Tweet.

Hashtag Creator Jumps from Google to Small Startup Group

Digital trading startup braces for growth after "hashtag" creator joins its team.

300,000 Followers, Thanks! Let's Celebrate: Here's a Discount

To celebrate @Hashtags reaching 300,000 followers, we're running a special for the next few days. Don't delay!

Are Hashtags Working On Facebook? Study Says, Not Quite

Facebook may have upped the ante by also introducing hashtags, but a study shows the feature might not be enjoying the attention it expects.

First Twitter-Themed Hotel Opens in Spain

Hashtags are redefining how we travel.

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