To Help End Stigmas Associated With Mental Illness, The #BellLetsTalk Campaign Takes To Social Media

The social stigmas surrounding mental illnesses is diminishing thanks to the support of the #BellLetsTalk campaign which encourages social media to help out.

Social Media Takes New Year's Eve To Celebrate Their #BestMemoriesOf2014

Another year in the books. Social media celebrates its #BestMemoriesOf2014 with the world as 2014 comes to a close.

Your Tweet Matters: Study Shows More People "See" Tweets Than "Post" Them

Nielsen has conducted research which showed that more people read tweets about television compared to those who actually create tweets by a margin of 50-1.

Twitter Study Shows How Brand Mentions Affect Consumers Offline and Online

With 80% of users mentioning brands in Tweets, how does this affect consumer choices? Study shows us.

Twitter Went Into Hashtag Mania as the #Oscars2014 Unfolded

As the world stood still for the 2014 Academy Awards, so has Twitter exploded.

4 Key Performance Indicators To Measuring Hashtag Success

How well did your hashtag perform? Measure it in numbers.

Was Your Tweet A Success? Here?s How To Find Out

How do you know if your tweet was seen by many? How was it received? Here's how.

#BlackFriday vs #CyberMonday: Which Got The Most Tweets?

Beyond family, Thanksgiving 2013 also means a shopping spree.

#AMAs Bring Social Media Alive: Hashtags That Trended

Here are the top hashtags that make their way to trending status during the 2013 American Music Awards.

Hashtagging A Disaster: #Haiyan And Its Hashtag Permutations

In a calamity that affects the world, the best way to disseminate information at the fastest rate is social media. Here's how to do it properly.

Police Keep Social Media Busy On 2nd Global Tweet-A-Thon

The hashtag <a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/PolTwt">#PolTwt</a> was created for police forces from different parts of the world to discuss the special event.

Why Everyone Around The World Knows What A #Selfie Is

The hashtag <a href='/analytics/Selfie'>#selfie</a> has been trending steadily for several months -- and for very good reasons. A "selfie" refers to a photo of yourself usually taken with a mobile device or smart phone then posting it immediately on a social media platform.

Hashtag Activity Can Confirm Societal Tension

In the digital age, hashtags are a solid way to raise political and societal awareness.

Hashtag Tracks Developments At London's King's Cross Station

King's Cross creates hashtag to centralize development updates on renovation.

4 Ways to Monitor Your Hashtag?s Performance

So you've created a really catchy hashtag, how do you know how it's performing well?

Less is More: Why Wordiness is an Enemy of Social Media

When it comes to hashtags, keep it short, simple and direct.

Why Bother With Related Hashtags?

Discover your hashtag's potential to expand by finding out who its most popular cousins are.

How To Mine Valuable Customer Data On Social Media

See how analytics can help you better read your target market.

Hashtag Analytics 101: Tweets vs Impressions

What is the difference between a tweet and an impression and why does knowing both matter?

10 Hashtags Social Media Marketers Should Track

Staying successful on social media means keeping abreast with the latest industry news. Here are 10 social media hashtags you should follow.

Hashtag Tracking: Why It Matters

Hashtag analytics help you determine if your social media campaign is working or not. Here's what tracking tools can do for you.

It's Not Always The Numbers: Guide To Tweeting Smart

The content and timing of tweets are more important than frequency.

Can Twitter Predict Who Wins At The Oscars?

The Twitter Oscars Index was launched to help predict how the 2013 Academy Awards would turn out based on user posts and sentiments.

Twitter Heartbreat Maps Good And Bad Vibes

You can read what netizens are saying on Twitter, but do you know what they're feeling?

Xmas Infographic Says Twitter First, Then SHOP

A recent infographic shows that Christmas shoppers in the US consult <a href="/analytics/twitter">#Twitter</a> before they buy anything. Read on to find out how to maximize your online presence this season.

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