Star Wars Fans Came Out In Full Force Last Friday #ForceFriday

Fans lined up in droves to be among the first to buy the next wave of Star Wars memorabilia.

#Spotify seeing green over recent logo change? #SpotifyGreen

Spotify in the unenviable position of having to defend subtle color change, a different shade of green, to their loyal users. Takes a beating on social media.

Microsoft Holds A Live Event To Showcase The New Ideas Of #Windows10

After the announcement of #Windows10 a little while back, many technology fans across social media were pretty excited. However, after a public conference that Microsoft held yesterday, that hype was mixed up.

Justin Bieber Gets Social Media Back On His Side With His #MyCalvins Advertisement

Justin Bieber is known for his controversial antics. Fans see this in his #MyCalvins advertisement for Calvin Klein which riles up his fans for his career.

Microsoft's #WindowsPhone Remains In Constant Flux Among Hashtag Trends

The increasingly common #WindowsPhone continues to have random trending periods across social media as the devices continue to grow in popularity.

Fans Have Long Awaited For The Release of #Halo - The Master Chief Collection

The long-awaited release of the #Halo Master Chief Collection is finally here. While fans have mixed feelings, they are glad a new era of #Halo has arrived.

The #MarvelEvent So Big It Has Fans Writhing In Unbearable Excitement

At the latest #MarvelEvent which was titled "Phase 3", Marvel unleashes loads of new, exciting plans for the near future.

What Won't Change About the #iPhone - It's Trending Popularity

What makes the iPhone such a popular trend within social media? A brief look at why that won't change anytime soon.

Apple Announces New Products at #AppleLive

#AppleLive sparks a trending topic on everything ranging from the new products they released to the fashion of the speakers.

#ShakeItOff Proves That Music Promotion is Alive and Well on Twitter

Taylor Swift uses the firepower of social media to bring her latest single (and album) to the world.

#NationalLipstickDay Celebrates A Must-Have Accessory That Was Once Banned

Social media celebrates the evolution of beauty with #NationalLipstickDay.

How To Make A Twitter Bio That Rocks

How your Twitter bio looks is just as important as your posts and update schedules. Here's how to make a very good first impression.

How Often Should You Tweet A Day and Why?

Too many or too few tweets?

Knowing the Best Times to Post and Not to Post in Social Media Sites

When are the best and worst times to post in different social media networks?

Twitter Users Can Now Shop for Amazon Products via #AmazonCart

As if shopping via the Amazon online shopping platform wasn't convenient enough, the company collaborates with Twitter to make #AmazonCart the shopping destination on social media.

Twitter Study Shows How Brand Mentions Affect Consumers Offline and Online

With 80% of users mentioning brands in Tweets, how does this affect consumer choices? Study shows us.

Ronald McDonald Gets a New Wardrobe -- and Hashtag [VIDEO]

McDonald's moves to boost its sales by introducing a "new" Ronald McDonald and a dedicated hashtag.

Burger King's #TBT: The #SubservientChicken Returns for 10-year Anniversary

How Burger King got itself to trend by bringing back it's most loved Internet character.

#AmazingBabyRescueMe: How Evian Used The Hashtag To Its Advantage

See how Evian rode on the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

How To Build Social Media Buzz For Your Live Event

Getting the relevant individuals to become part of the live event will determine the success of the entire campaign

Are Hashtags Today?s URL?

Marketers and internet users today admit that hashtags are the new URL

#RejectedIceCream Proves Humor Is Everywhere -- And Can Trend -- On Twitter

In celebration of its 36th year in the ice cream business, Ben & Jerry's merges social media savvy and humor with <a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/RejectedIceCream">#RejectedIceCream</a>.

FIFA Says "Please, No" To Social Media Freeriders On The 2014 World Cup

FIFA 2014 organizers asked unofficial advertisers to stop free-riding on the event. Would they follow? Does ethics exist among marketers in social media?

Tyson Knows How Hashtags Trend. See Why #TysonGlutenFree Worked

When it comes to hashtags that trend, food manufacturer Tyson shows us how it's done.

#ActionTags Bring Consumers Closer To Brands

How Chirpify marries hashtag use with business and marketing.

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