How To Weed Out Twitter Noise

Twitter noise is the presence of unnecessary posts and unrelated content. Get them out of your feed now.

7 Steps to Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Tweeting

Tweeting should be an enjoyable experience. Here's how to make sure it does not stress you out.

Twitter Etiquette: Retweeting The Right Way

Being retweeted by another social media user can increase your visibility and increase the likelihood of getting more followers on Twitter. Here's how to do it right.

You Got Followed, Should You Follow Back?

Numbers matter on Twitter -- but should you really follow back everyone who follows you?

How To Say "Thank You" To Your Social Media Fans

Your fans are what make your online identity strong and stable. Here are ways to show your gratitude.

Celeb Tweet Blunders: How Personal Is Personal?

Sharing personal details is acceptable but only to a certain degree. Some of these can lead to permanent damage.

Why Are Your Followers Unfollowing You?

You've created a snazzy Twitter account and check it everyday, but somehow your follower numbers seem to be dropping -- what's happening?

5 Rules When Creating Parody Accounts

Parody accounts are funny; but there are limits to creating them. Here are the rules.

5 Truly Irritating Ways to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are great tools to grab your target readers and get attention on social media. But there are ways hashtags are used that are not only irritating but also inappropriate.

How To Get Away With Social Media At Work

There are ways to justify accessing social media at work should you get caught. Of course, these tactics are not boss-proof, so use them moderately -- or only in dire situations.

Social Media Manners for Professionals

Social media manners for professionals are important to maintain a good reputation and solid relationships for the long term.

Reporting Impersonation Accounts and Media Violations

What may seem like a publicity boost for celebrities can also affect regular folk if the account is managed by the wrong hands.

Are You Tweeting Too Much?

Twitter is a free world where you can post anything you want at any time, but how much is too much?

On Micro-Blogging Limits: How Personal Should You Get On Twitter?

Some celebrities, particularly the rich and beautiful, have a knack of getting too bored that they completely make a fool out of themselves online.

Keep Your Private Twitter Account Separate From The Professional

Here are the pros and cons of keeping your personal Twitter account separate from your private account.

Why Are Your Tweet Chats Getting The Cold Shoulder?

Here are 5 reasons why your tweet chat isn't getting enough participants.

Why You're On Twitter and Why Hashtags Matter

Here are some reasons why it matters that you're on Twitter and how you can maximize your presence online.

Why Don't You Have New Twitter Followers?

If you have very few followers but follow a whole lot of people, then you might want to check the way you handle your Twitter account.

Overzealous? Use Hashtags Without Being Annoying

Hashtags are very valuable in encouraging more people to support your brand, but it also becomes too easy to be excited and, eventually, annoying.

Why Hashtag Piggybacking Is A Big No-No

Piggybacking on a hashtag is a marketing ploy that is looked down upon by many. Here's why.

How Social Media Can Threaten Your Job

Some individuals have lost their jobs because of careless use of Twitter and other social media platforms and not taking care of their account.

False Twitter Accusations Face Legal Backlash

Twitter users must understand the potential damage and legal implications a single tweet with unfounded information can cause.

Twitter's Trademark Policy Simplified

Read about Twitter's rules trademarks and how far your accounts can go with borrowing logos, statements and symbols.

Twitter Trolls Begone! Reporting Violations And Abuse

Twitter may encourage free speech, but it's certainly no place for abusive behavior. Here's how to report violations.

Smart Twitter Use: Don't Let It Run Your Life!

Twitter is an effective way to connect with other people from other parts of the world -- but don't let it make up your entire waking life. Here are tips to smarter Twitter use.

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