If You Haven't Already, It's Too Late To Vote In The #Election2014

The #Election2014 for State Positions, the Senate, and House of Representatives comes to a close. Voters had some help from social media.


#ScotlandDecides is one of the biggest trending topics as of today. Why? Because Scotland is deciding on whether to be an independent country or not.

UK Independence Party Hashtag Hijacked Before Elections

#WhyImVotingUkip would have made a great venue for political discourse--until things turned sour.

Why The New Indian Prime Minister Won't Get Singh's 1.24 Million Twitter Following

When Dr. Manmohan turned over his administration to the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the official Twitter handle with over 1.24 million followers was not included in the deal.

#GeneralElection Inspires Japan To Be Political

Being in-the-know on the Japan National Elections on December 16, 2012 is about to go viral with the hashtag <a href="/analytics/generalelection">#GeneralElection</a>.

#HairFlag Lady Outshines Obama's Victory Speech

Netizens were temporarily distracted from re-elected US president Barack Obama's victory speech as a woman in the background with a flag on her hair steals the show.

#IVoted Reflects Americans' Love For Country

<a href="/analytics/IVoted">#IVoted</a> began as a hashtag to encourage people to vote prior to November 6 and ended as celebration of victory for re-elected president Barack Obama.

Twitter Users Threaten Mitt On #RomneyDeathRally

Have the criticism on 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney gone too far? Democrat supporters launch #RomneyDeathRally on Twitter.

Celebs Use #iVoteBecause To Invite Latinos To Vote

Latino celebrities engage micro-bloggers to vote wisely in the 2012 US national elections in a Twitter party with <a href="/analytics/IVoteBecause">#IVoteBecause</a>.

What Are The Most Relevant Election Day Hashtags?

The <a href="/analytics/election">#election</a> comes with a roster of hashtags that will each update the Twitterverse in real time. Here's our list of the most tracked hashtags on election day, November 6, 2012.

Tired Of Electioneering Tweets? This New Extension Will Scrap Them

Making your Twitter feed politics-free is now possible with Chrome's newest extension.

Donald #Trump Challenges Obama, Twitter Laughs

When billionaire Donald Trump offers $5 million to charity in exchange for Barack Obama's records, Twitter users have a field day with <a href="/analytics/trump">#trump</a>!

#AdmitItMitt, #CantAfford4More Fires Up Presidential Debate

Democratic and Republican party supporters engage in Twitter trash-talk with <a href="/analytics/AdmititMitt">#AdmititMitt</a> vs <a href="/analytics/CantAfford4More">#CantAfford4More</a> during the final phase of the 2012 presidential debates.

Obama Hits Romney With #HorsesAndBayonets

Obama gets his turn at putting Romney on the spot as <a href="/analytics/HorsesandBayonets">#HorsesandBayonets</a> trends following the third and final presidential <a href="/analytics/debate">#debate</a>.

#ToughQuestionsFromBarry Mocks Final #Debate Question

Netizens poked fun at the final question on the second presidential <a href="/analytics/debate">#debate</a> with <a href="/analytics/ToughQuestionsFromBarry">#ToughQuestionsFromBarry</a>.

Romney Ignites #BindersFullofWomen And Other Memes

Romney's reply on gender equality at the workplace gets taken out of context and gives birth to a wave of memes and satirical social media accounts.

#Debate: Obama Finally Fires Back at Romney

In their second face-off, Obama manages to emerge from his lackluster performance in part 1 of the <a href="/analytics/debates">#debates</a> and nicely fires back at Romney on national issues.

Democrats Invest In Biden's #Malarkey Momentum

Joe Biden's favorite VP debate term <a href="/analytics/malarkey">#malarkey</a> catches buzz on Twitter.

#Biden Redeems The Democrats On #VPDebate

<a href="/analytics/vpdebate">#VPDebate</a> heats up as Joe Biden and Paul Ryan each try to defend their parties on part two of three of the 2012 presidential debates.

Do More Political Tweets Mean Bigger Donations?

Study finds that the more you tweet about politics, the more likely people will notice and donate money.

#ISupportStaceyDash Defends "Clueless" Star From Twit Attacks

Netizens come to the actress's defense with <a href="/analytics/ISupportStaceyDash">#ISupportStaceyDash</a> after Democratic party supporters bashed her for declaring support for Mitt Romney in a tweet.

KitchenAid Gets Heat From Employee?s Twitter Mistake

KitchenAid apologizes to Obama and the public for an employee's post on Twitter.

PBS (and #BigBird) Disappointed Over Romney's Statement

TV Network PBS airs its side officially on Mitt Romney's "big bird" statement.

Romney Camp Says You #CantAfford4More

Romney's <a href="/analytics/CantAfford4More">#CantAfford4More</a> promo earns mixed reactions on part one of the presidential <a href="/analytics/debates">#debates</a>.

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