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#LoveWins hashtag dominates social media after landmark #SCOTUS decision

After the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Friday which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, people take to social media to convey their stance.

Social Media Celebrates #MLKDay In Order To Remind The Nation Of His Legacy

He is best known as a defining figure in the case of civil rights a few decades ago, but social media points out that he stood for much more than equal rights.

The #FergusonDecision Leaves Social Media In An Uproar

The final #FergusonDecision by the grand jury may have sparked riots in Ferguson, but also across social media.

Sarcastic Students Tell The First Lady "#ThanksMichelleObama" To Show Their Disappointment

Students sarcastically make remarks to say #ThanksMichelleObama after they have become fed up with the poor quality of their new school lunches.

#HeForShe: A Feminist Movement

Many people are curious about a new hashtag that is trending: #HeForShe. HeForShe is a trend started by Emma Watson, with the interest of feminism.

The Pope Hashtags: Vatican Invites the World Cup to #PauseForPeace

The Vatican called for a truce in the wars happening around the world via #PauseForPeace. And there's no better venue to spread the message than the globally watched 2014 World Cup Finals.

Twitter Trending Topic: The Internet Wonders Why #HillaryIsSoPoor

Social media sites went wild after Hillary Clinton, wife of former democratic U.S. President Bill Clinton shared that they went broke after leaving the White House.

Social Media Users Respond to Existing Dangers Towards Women with #YesAllWomen

Why #YesAllWomen is trending -- and why it matters that it is.

Erdogan Challenges Lifting of Ban on Twitter Accounts

Twitter gave in to a request by the Turkish government to close a number of accounts. Find out why.

Feeling Apprehensive About ObamaCare? Well, #YourMomCares

The Obama administration takes a fresh approach to encourage the public to join the Obamacare campaign by partnering with mothers of famous celebrities.

Turkey PM Calls Twitter The Worst Menace In Social Media

"I don?t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic," said Turkey's Prime Minister on the Twitter ban.

Sex Trade Advocates Correct Misconceptions In #NotYourRescueProject

"We're no damsels in distress!" say supporters of #NotYourRescueProject.

Twitter Abuzz With #FailedObamacareSlogans

Social media take their Obamacare opinions to Twitter.

#WeAreBlended Creates Venue for Cultural Integration in Norwich

Hashtag builds deeper understanding of differences and non-differences in background.

Hashtag Activity Can Confirm Societal Tension

In the digital age, hashtags are a solid way to raise political and societal awareness.

Twitter Fans Attack NSA With Funny Hashtag

<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/NSAPickUpLines">#NSAPickUpLines</a> injects humor into NSA security issue.

#BadChildrensBooks Call Attention To Age INappropriate Reading

Are you sure your child is reading the right books?

Twitter Afrenzy as Senator Davis Kills Bill at the 11th Hour

<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/StandWithWendy">#StandWithWendy</a> trends as netizens prove the power of social media in politics.

Turkish Mayor Initiates Twitter War Against CNN, BBC

Turkish mayor Gokcek accuses international newswires of condoning spy-related activities.

Hashtag #Litterati Kickstarts Battle Against Pollution

Environmental awareness campaign calls out for support on social media.

#OccupyGezi Draws Funds To Get New York Times Ad Out

<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/OccupyGezi">#OccupyGezi</a> aims to get ad space in the world's top newspapers to reveal the truth about what's happening in Istanbul.

#PMHarperMustResign Spotlights On Politics And Social Media

#PMHarperMustResign reflects how social media can drive political discussion.

#ObamaCareinThreeWords Counters Republicans' 37th Attempt For A Repeal

Democrats vs Republican healthcare issue trends with #ObamacareInThreeWords.

#NowIsTheTime To Stop Gun Violence, Says Obama

The White House hopes to reduce gun violence in America by enjoining the public to the <a href="/analytics/nowisthetime"> #NowIsTheTime</a> campaign.

#Ottawapiskat Highlights Political Call To Invite Stronger Action

Canadian artist and <a href="/analytics/IdleNoMore">#IdleNoMore</a> supporter/activist Aaron Paquette creates <a href="/analytics/Ottawapiskat">#Ottawapiskat</a> to highlight aborigine issues related to the Harper government.

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