Top Food Hashtags, According to the Food Porn Index

This nifty food porn index website shows us just how unhealthy our food preferences are through the hashtags we post.

Stephen Colbert Faces Backlash On "Racist" Tweet

The hashtag #CancelColbert reached trending status in the US after comedian Stephen Colbert allegelly mocked Asian stereotypes on his show The Colbert Report

Study Shows Your Social Media Feelings are Contagious

How do your posts affect others -- and how do their posts affect you?

When Will They Learn? Jenny McCarthy's Hashtag Gets Hijacked

These celebs should really understand -- before trying to get a hashtag to trend, it should not be about them.

Hashtags Converted Into Electricity? Havas Says It's Possible!

A media company invented a machine that provides new use for hashtags. The Heartbot can convert specific hashtags into generated electricity.

FIFA Says "Please, No" To Social Media Freeriders On The 2014 World Cup

FIFA 2014 organizers asked unofficial advertisers to stop free-riding on the event. Would they follow? Does ethics exist among marketers in social media?

It's the Web's Birthday! Social Media Celebrates With #Web25

How do you celebrate the Web's silver anniversary? With a hashtag, of course!

The Religious Tweet! Catholic Groups Get Ash Wednesday Selfies Trending

As Catholics around the world celebrate Ash Wednesday on March 5, 2014, many took to Twitter to share photos of their forehead marks using these hashtags.

Russell Crowe Tweets Plea To Pope To Watch His New Film

Is this a real plea, or a marketing strategy?

When a British Celebrity?s Hashtag Backfires

When celebrity Arthur James launched a hashtag to engage with fans, he didn't prepare for the onslaught of trolls.

China's Twitter Breaks Record With Over 800k Tweets In First Minute of 2014

Sina Weibo, Twitter's Chinese counterpart, posts record number of tweets at the start of 2014.

Sex Trade Advocates Correct Misconceptions In #NotYourRescueProject

"We're no damsels in distress!" say supporters of #NotYourRescueProject.

Michigan University Lists "Hashtag" and "Selfie" In 2014 Most Annoying Words

A university in Michigan lists "hashtag" and "selfie" in list of most annoying words in 2014.

Bieber ?Retires?; See Twitter Go Nuts

The Canadian pop superstar announces his "retirement" -- and then takes it back.

Instagram Shares 2013's Most Hashtagged and Instagrammed

The Internet's premier photo-sharing community shares its top numbers for 2013.

Twitter Announces Ad Retargeting Product: What Does It Do?

As Twitter evolves, so does the way it connects with the community.

US City Supports Small Businesses With Hashtag Map

Sacramento startups bring online business networks offline.

Twitter Brings First Female To Board

Twitter finally douses gender sensitivity issue by adding a very qualified female to its board.

"The Voice" Uses Hashtag To Save Contestant

Is your bet at the bottom? Let your hashtag be heard.

Twitter and Your Holiday Shopping Habits: Study

Beyond 140 character tweets, the micro-blogging platform is also a choice shopping destination, says study.

Halloween Chuckles Ensue With #MormonHalloweenMovies

Halloween is usually celebrated with scares -- but Twitter users this year took a turn toward humor.

Police Keep Social Media Busy On 2nd Global Tweet-A-Thon

The hashtag <a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/PolTwt">#PolTwt</a> was created for police forces from different parts of the world to discuss the special event.

Netizens Pay Tribute To Halloween By #ScaringStrangers

To celebrate Halloween 2013, social media users invite others to watch Ricky Dillon (<a href="http://twitter.com/RickyPDillon" target="_blank">@RickyPDillon</a>) dressed up in a silly yellow chicken costume scaring people away on the street.

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