Why Hashtags Like #LeBroning and #ElderlyNBA are Trending

The latest swipe at the NBA forward was through the hashtag #LeBroning, where social media users started sharing photos of themselves being carried by family or friends.

#MVPDurant Trends As Twitter Celebrates Kevin Durant's First MVP Award

How does Twitter celebrate a milestone in a basketball star's career? Make his hashtag trend, of course.

Super Bowl Season is Also Hashtag Season! See Who's at the Top

This year, hashtag advertising on TV went up further as the Super Bowl draws much larger crowds.

Super Bowl Hashtags Start Trending On Twitter

It's football season once again -- on the field and online.

NFL Fans Pay Tribute To Retiring Star With Tandem Hashtag

McNabb fans unite online to bid goodbye to retiring NFL star.

NCAA Bans Hashtags on the Field

To eliminate distraction, the NCAA has banned hashtags during games.

#MarchMadness Fires Up Sports

Twitter goes ablaze with the 2013 NCAA season.

Watching The Super Bowl For Ads? Study Says It's Normal

Respondents of a social study revealed its the ads that bring them to watch.

Watch Beyonce's Jawdropping #SuperBowl Performance

Superstar Beyonce proves she's the real star of the SuperBowl with a heart-stopping performance -- and much awaited reunion!

#NotBuyingIt Calls Out Sexist NFL Ads

Are the latest Superbowl ads effective? Group (and public) says they're #NotBuyingIt.

Super Bowl XLVII Shakes Twitter Weekend

Super Bowl XLVIII promises to be action packed, not just on the field but on social media. Are you a Ravens or a 49ers fan?

#Ravens, #49ers Fans Tweet Before #HarBowl

NFL excitement rules Twitter as the <a href="/analytics/ravens">#Ravens</a> face the <a href="/analytics/49ers">#49ers</a> at the highly-anticipated brother versus brother <a href="/analytics/harbowl">#HarBowl</a>.

#BlameJayCutler Stabs At ESPN, Then Later Turns Funny

When ESPN asks a terrible question, Twitter users start a trend. Why #BlameJayCutler?

Social Media and the NFL Wild Card Playoffs

The <a href="/analytics/nfl">#NFL</a> wild card playoffs between the Seattle <a href="/analytics/seahawks">#Seahawks</a> and the Washington <a href="/analytics/Redskins">#Redskins</a> proved that hashtags are things to watch for the best real-time sporting updates.

40 Sexiest Female Sports Stars to Follow on Twitter

Here's our brief guide to the Twitter accounts of the sporting industry's sexiest females.

Texas Longhorn Fans Thunder Support With #GETLOUDDKR

#GETLOUDDKR proves Texas Longhorn home fans have all-out and thunderous support for their favorite football team.

#NFL Fans Rush To Twitter After Controversial #Seahawks Win

National Football League fans took their frustrations to Twitter after a controversial win by the Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers.

Twitter Bets Big On #wt20 With Special Page, Exclusive Access

<a href="/analytics/wt20">#WT20</a> marks a milestone as the first worldwide cricket event with a massive social media campaign.

Olympics Dilemma: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Olympics officials tell Twitter users to control activity, or face coverage delays.

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